We want to apologize for the cams not being on. We are having trouble with our carrier. We are in the process of going with a complete different provider and system. It is being designed for us now. It will have a much clearer picture. We are excited. Please be patient it is coming soon. Thank you!


What's New

We keep ourselves pretty busy here at all times. A lot is always happening. With being so busy I don't get the chance to add all the New. Never a dull moment in our life's here.

Also, for the latest updates follow us:

March 8

It is time to retire several of our wonderful moms and dads.
It would best to contact me to tell you who.

February 28

We are having REDS again!! Check out our upcoming litters page.

February 24

Kira and Manor Lake's David Beckham
Born February 24

7 total, mostly boys

All solid dark choc but one boy has tuxedo markings.

February 24

New puppies!

Nicki and Reece
Born February 23

Seven total. Four girls and three boys.

January 29

Brooklyn is in labor. No puppies yet!

January 24

Brooke and Burton's puppies
Born January 20

Red to Apricot, wavy fleece coats, smaller mini to small medium size

Girls! Girls! GIRLS! We finally got a litter with more girls.

6 total 5 girls 1 boy

January 20


Brooke had the start of her puppies. Three so far. All girls.



Watch for all the New litters for Spring puppies. We have a great selection of color, size and coat.

January 17

Dalaney had her puppies!

Delaney and Hampton
Born January 16

9 total


January 7

Rori and Reece puppies
Born January 7

Rori had her puppies!! All 8 are doing well. Five boys. Three girls. All reds to apricot.

December 5

Winnie and Reece puppies
Born November 28

Thanksgiving puppies

Three little boys

November 14

Hutson and Dandy puppies!
Born 11/10/13
Six puppies all choc and white parti
Three boys and three girls

They can go home after the first of the year., after the busy time of the holidays are over and you are settling back down.
This is a great time for a Christmas present. We can work with you as a Christmas gift. We can do the live web cam, Skype, FaceTime, a picture with a red bow on it, and we're open to other suggestions.

November 11


Sierra Rose's puppies are here.

Eleven total. Six girls. Five boys. Red's!

October 16

Ireland and Chief puppies are here!
Born October 16

5 total. All reds. Mom and puppies are doing great.

October 9

It's a boy! Our first Grandchild.

Maybe there is something better then a puppy.

September 29


Keelin had her puppies right on her due date. September 26th. She has 7 healthy puppies. 3 girls 4 boys. The will be mini's. All in the apricot, red and cream coloring.


Maggie's puppies
Born on September 29
8 total
3 boys
5 girls
Medium in size

August 6

Crystal and Lil Nick puppies!
Born August 2
10 total: 5 girls 5 boys. Color: reds, apricots and creams. Coats: Fleece wavy to medium curl. Size: 20 to 30 plus pounds

July 28

Regan had her pups. Born July 23.

We have a total of 6: three boys and 3 girls. Choc and white parti and red/apricot and white parti. This was Reagan's first litter. What a wonderful mother. We couldn't be more happy with all. Dandy is the father.

July 22



Frisko going to his new home and family.

July 15


Wow those Elu daughters. Rennie had 11 puppies: reds to creams, mini to medium with wavy to a curl to the fleece coat. Rennie has the BEST loving, calm, sweet, trusting disposition. I see it in her puppies also.

July 15

Nicki and Reece had puppies July 12. Seven puppies: reds, apricot and creams. They will be mini to mediums with wavy fleece coats.

July 15


Parker leaving for his new home.

July 10

Rivermist Labradoodles announces the birth of:
and Reece puppies
Born July 7

Rori is a daughter of our own Rosie. We see the sweet disposition that Rosie has in Rori also. Both Rori and Reece have a great coat and such cute faces. This are not puppies to miss. They have it all.

Puppies: 8 total
5 boys
3 girls
Coats: fleece wavy and a little curl
Color: red to apricot/cream
Size: mini and medium

June 10


Just born. Baby goats. One female and one male. We don't just have baby puppies around here.

May 8

Gwennie and Dandy puppies
Born May 7

I see spots!!! Great color on these puppies. Choc and white with lots of spots and white on their faces. Three boys. Mini to medium in size.

May 7


Elin and Hampton puppies
Born May 6

Elin's puppies are here!

May 2

Gracie and Tracker
Born May 1

6 total: 3 boys 3 girls

April 27

Rainie and Lil Nick puppies
Born April 26

9 total: 3 boys, 6 girls

April 25

Sierra Rose and Chase puppies

Sierrra Rose had her puppies. All 8 are doing well.

April 18

Colie and Chase puppies
Born April 17

5 total 3 boys 2 girls
Reds to apricots
Fleece wavy to some curl
Will be mini— 20 pounds

April 14

Lacy and Lil Nick
Born April 14

Lacy had her puppies! We had a long wait. All are doing very well. They are big healthy puppies. Four total. Two boys. Two girls.

April 6

Ireland and Chief
Born April 6

10 reds to apricots


April 4

The puppies are coming!

Kerbe had 8 so cute mostly red to apricot and white parti colored puppies. All are doing well! Five boys and 3 girls. They will be smaller. Twenty pounds full grown.

February 9

Hi Connie,

Here is Sammy, almost two years old, enjoying Blizzard Nemo!


February 4

Crystal had 8 puppies: 7 boys 1 girl.
Born January 27

Mostly apricot/red and creams with small amount of white markings. More of a blaze on top of the puppies faces.

January 22

Brooke had 3 puppies: 1 boy 2 girls.
Born January 20

Good job Brooke! Very cute puppies.

November 26

New puppies!

Nicki had her puppies. Born November 25

7 total 4 girls 3 boys
Mini to medium in size.

RED to apricot in color.

November 14

Kira had 8 puppies. All choc and white parti colored.
A great mix of boys and girls.


November 1

Elin had beautiful all dark red puppies. All her puppies are spoken for. Way to go Elin!

Another Parti at our house!!

Keagan and Dandy puppies
Born October 15

5 total: 4 boys, 1 girl

small to large mini
fleece wavy to curly coats
red with white markings, apricot/red, choc and white parti, red and white parti



Hutson and Tracker puppies
Born October 14

2 boys


choc and white parti

Fleece coats

September 28

Wynter goes to the Netherlands.

September 25

Big parti last night. Gwennie had her puppies last night. Nine puppies!! All choc and white parti. All have great white and choc all their faces. So Cute!! From mini to medium in size.

September 22

Puppies went to Hawks Ridge in Hood River, an assisted living home, for snuggle time.

September 6

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Lacey and Lil Nick puppies
Born September 5, 2012

Lacy had her puppies

5 total: 4 girls 1 boy

July 13


Brooke had new puppies last night!

What great colors. One choc and white parti, two red and white parti, And 3 apricot/red with white markings. Very cute! All are doing well.

June 21

Rainie has had her puppies. 11 total.

(left: boys, right: girls)

May 19



Marielle and Boss leaving to go home to the Netherlands.

May 5

Nica came to visit her new sister Lucy. She will have to wait another 4 weeks before Lucy will be able to join the family.

April 24


A short vacation at the coast. Three are ours. Three are in training. Did I say vacation?



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Jack at the beach. He is adventurous. He is very athletic. He really has a joy of life about him. Enjoy O'Leary family.

April 23


Born 4/23 Such fun!!! Triplets!

April 14

Hadley and Dandy
Born April 14

Hadley had her puppies! Three girls and one boy. April 12th Will be SMALL mini's.

March 21


Ireland and Seamus had 6 RED puppies March 21st.
Three boys and three girls.

March 18


Gracie's had 7 puppies. Five girls and two boys. Very fat healthy puppies.

March 18


It was time for a new bed for Murphy

March 17

Way to go Kerbe!

Nine puppies on her first litter. Six girls and 3 boys. All doing well. She has a great mix of colors. Reds, parti, creams. They will all be mini's in size.

March 16

Rivermist Labradoodles Announces:
Rennie and Hampton's puppies

Born: March 15

Puppies: 6 total
5 girls
1 boy
Colors: Mostly dark red
Coats: Fleece wavy to curly
Size: Mini & Medium

March 3

Jordan and Reece puppies born this morning.
2 boys, 1 girl

What big babies! Jordan has such a nice wavy fleece coat. And Reece is just so perfect. With Jordan's coloring she takes on the color of the male. They should have reds to apricot puppies. All with wavy fleece coats. Great size 25 to 30 pounds. Stocky, thick and blocky puppies. Both parents have such great dispositions.

March 1

Rori and Reece puppies born today. I am seeing lots of red!
5 girls, 3 boys

Rori comes from a strong red line. We did this same mating last time. ALL the puppies were red. Both Rori and Reece come from my favorite Australian lines. Fantastic pedigree. Both parents have wonderful sweet dispositions. We kept back a breeding female from their last litter. She went to Holland as a breeder. We had her here for several months before sending her. She was as "perfect" as you could get. Red, wavy fleece coat. The right everything. Puppies will be around the 25 pound range more or less.

February 25
Sarah happy at her new home in Holland

Dear Connie,

First i will tell you that she's a great dog ,also the veterinarian loves

She's doing good over here. The cats are also not a problem.
Her health is okay. I'll send you some photo's now that she's been here.


January 20

Keelin and Sawyer puppies
Born January 201

Puppies: 8 total
3 boys
5 girls

Colors: Red, Red with white markings, Red and white parti,
Apricot and white parti, Apricot
Coats: Fleece-wavy to a soft curl
Size: Mini to medium

January 17


Roodnat family's boy.
Leaving for Holland the Feb 16th

January 6, 2012

Gwennie had her pups!

7 total, 2 boys and 5 girls

all choc

December 13

Nicole and Tobin puppies!

We have 8. Four girls and 4 boys.

The red and whites are both girls. The other 6 are choc and white. All have great marking especially the faces.

December 6

Maxx Makis (Gift form God) has his new home!

December 5

Rainie had her puppies
Born December 4

8 puppies 5 females 3 males Reds and caramels.

We loved the puppies they had last year. Very stocky, blocky and sweet!

November 17


Jose's visiting from Holland to take Dox back home with her.

October 26


Robbie is in Holland and he likes it a lot. Everything went well and round 2 pm we could leave THE airport.

He's cute and knows how to please the people. All KLM-groundpeople loved him.


October 20


Jill and Kate are getting ready for their trip to Holland where they will be breeders.
Best to you, Jan and Lea

October 19


Robbie is going to Holland!
Thank you Beyersbergen family.

October 11 – More new puppies!

Hadley and Lil Nick puppies
Born October 11, 2011

3 boys

October 7 – New puppies!

Maycee and Tracker puppies
Born: October 6, 2011

2 choc girls
2 choc boys

Keagan and Lil Brett puppies
Born: October 7, 2011

One apricot boy
Four girls:
1 apricot
2 phantom
1 dark choc

September 26 - Puppy Watch

Awaiting Keagan or Maycee puppies. Due soon!


September 19


< 4:00 p.m.

Sierra Rose has just had her 8th puppy. Five boys. Three girls.



10:00 a.m. >

Sierra Rose had her first puppy right before 10 this morning. More to come! RED!!!!!!

September 16

See Puppy page

Hutson's girls have just opened their eyes. New pictures!

September 13 - Puppy Watch

We are on puppy watch here for Sierra Rose (left). Due on the 16th. We still have a few available in this litter. We expect RED!!!!!

(Seamus, on right)

August 8 - Eyes open!

Brooke's puppies' eyes are open now. Check out the new pictures on our puppy page. They are pretty cute!!

July 23 - Two new litters!

Brooke and Tobin puppies
Born July 22, 2011

6 total: 5 boys, 1 girl

Lacy and Lil' Nick puppies
Born July 23, 2011

5 total: 2 boys, 3 girls
Color: Parti Red and white
apricot and white
Size: mini & mediums

May 29 – Upcoming litter:

Lacy (left) and Lil' Nick (right)
Due July 17

We can't wait for the puppies from these two. Lacy is red and white parti in color. Lil Nick had litter mates that were red and white. He is apricot and white. They will be mini in size.

The puppy below is an example of a red and white parti.


May 26

We are excited Rennie had 8 puppies. 5 males 3 females All Reds!

May 26 1:30 PM

The puppies are coming! I couldn't even get this posted and there was another. So 3 so far.

Be sure to check the Puppies page for pictures and additional information on availability.

May 26 AM

Rennie is in labor. Will post as the puppies come.

May 18

It's official! Lacy (left) and Lil Nick (right) should have puppies in 60 days, July 17th. We still have openings on our reservation list. Very rare. Red and white parti or even the apricot and white.

May 11

We are excited!!! We will be expecting puppies from Lacy and Lil Nick around the middle of July. We expect red and white and apricot and white parti puppies.

May 10

Psion and Keith puppies
Born May 10

All girls.

May 8


Happy Mothers Day.
Gucci had puppies. Available one male and one female Choc and white parti.

April 18



PM: Rori and Reece had a total of 6 puppies. Reds. 3 boys and 3 girls.


AM: Rori has 3 puppies so far. All Red! Thank you Rori for being so kind to do a day time whelp.

April 15 – 18

The Lodge is officially open, starting this weekend. We welcomed our first official guest, Lynn.

To learn more about the Rivermist Lodge, please visit the website.

March 21


Got through all the coming of the new puppies.
Taking it a little easy right now.

March 6
New littler!

Gracie and Tracker

Puppis born March 6, 2011

3 puppies: 1 choc boy, 1 choc girl, 1 parti girl


March 3, 2011

Sweet Tea and Reece
Sweet Tea had her pups!

Born March 3, 2011

5 puppies: 3 boys, 2 girls
All reds

February 26, 2011

Jackie and Burton
Born February 26, 2011

7 puppies: 6 girls, 1 boy
All reds

February 24, 2011

We got snow today!

"Mom can I come in. I'm done playing. Really." —Peady

February 2, 2011


I always let my dogs lick out the yogurt container. Colt wanted to get every drop he could get.

January 25, 2011

We have a new breeder in Holland! Hannah is due February 18th. Email us for help in finding Hannah's new owner Rob.

Hello Connie,

Just a short massage.
Hannah is doing very well, SHE IS ALIVE AND KICKING!!!!!
After a couple of hours in her bench she explored the living room and kitchen.
This night, I did not blocked the way, she did not came upstairs.
I just have to remember, I always have "human" snacks on the table, to remove that.
She is more than very interested, every where I go in the house, she follows me.
And she likes to lay er head on my my lap.
After a trip of about - in total - 20 hours she is doing very well, and I think/hope feeling home.
While I am typing this she is only 15 inch away.
Photo, yesterday night in the garden.

I will keep you posted but be asured that your Hannah seems to be happy here.

R Rob

January 9, 2010

Hutson and Tracker puppies
Born January 8, 2010

5 puppies

December 29, 2010


We got 6 inches of new snow at the Ranch today. This is Sienna rolling in the snow and loving it.

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December 17, 2010



Jordan had her puppies today. 5 total. 3 girls. 2 boys.

November 4, 2010

Rainie and Lil Nick

9 puppies born this morning: 3 girls, 6 boys

November 1, 2010



This morning my husband was working on a sink repair. Meagan thought she would help.

October 11, 2010

New littler:

Elu and Seamus
Born October 11


9 puppies

October 9, 2010

We are waiting on Elu's new puppies.

Brooke has one oh so cute red & white parti puppy still looking for her new home. Very out going.

And we still have several of Keagan's puppies not spoken for. They are in a fun age now. See them on live web cam.

September 7, 2010

Keagan and Lil' Brett
Born Septermber 7

7 puppies: 3 girls 4 boys
Light brown, dark choc's and one phantom

September 5, 2010

Oscar's Family

Congratulations Arther! How exciting and what an honor.

Hi Connie,

Here's a picture of Arthur, Oskar and me (I'm holding Oskar) - a family portrait. It's in the September 2010 issue of Architectural Digest. Oskar and I were "photo shopped" out of the newsstand copy but they decided to keep us in the on-line version. As you can see, Oskar is a natural in front of the camera!

Send you my best,

August 21, 2010



Just chillin' in the dog days of summer


July 30, 2010

Sienna cooling off on a hot day.


July 27, 2010

Brooke had 5 puppies. Every one is so cute. From the choc with the white paws, the so cute faced and great spotted boy, and the hard to get apricot and white. Apricot color will darken. Good job Brooke. Soooo cute!!!

View puppy cam

July 18, 2010

Nellie's new family.

We had the pleasure of having Nellie's new family stay the week end with us to take Nellie home with them. It is so great to get to really know where our puppies are going. Nellie is going to have the BEST life ahead of her. Well loved.

July 17, 2010

We felt so fortunate to have Jeff and kelly stay here at the B&B while teaching training classes for dog used search and rescue. If you get a chance read Jeff's book. It is very interesting and well worth taking the time. We appreciate all the hard work Jeff and Kelly put in for such a worthy cause.
Thank you!


May 15. 2010

New litter

Sienna and Burton born May 15, 2010

5 puppies: 2 boys, 3 girls



May 7. 2010

New litter

Nicole and Tobin born May 6, 2010



May 2. 2010

Just chillin'

April 23, 2010

What's new: We have been excited watching the NFL draft the last two days. Toby Gearhart my nephew was the 51st chosen. He will be a running back for Minnesota vikings.

April 14, 2010

Mackie. She's trying to fit into the Yorkie's bed ....and he has his own....

March 26, 2010 — NEW Litter!

Jackie had 7 puppies on Thursday the 25th of March 6 girls and 1 boy.

March 18, 2010

Female breeder for sale:

Emma Lee: What a cutie! She is sweet with a very playfull way about her. Keith and Gucci daughter. Born May 16, 2008. Mini 19 pounds, 16 inches. Good conformation.
View pedigree

BRED, Due May 16

CERF: Clear
OFA hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
PRA: Clear

February 16, 2010

12:57 p.m.Sweet Tea has had her first puppy . Within the hour she had 2 more. So 2 girls and 1 boy. All red/apricot.

Feb. 17, 8:00 a.m.: She ended up with 5, 4 girls 1 boy

February 15, 2010

Gracie is in labor. As of 4:30 p.m. no puppies yet.

8:16 p.m.: We have 3 puppies so far. A choc and white parti boy, solid choc boy and an apricot/tan girl.

11:00 p.m.: 8 puppies. 6 boys, 5 brown and white parti color and 1 choc. 2 tan girls. See Puppy page.

January 31, 2010

Our dream is  just about to be realized! We have been working really hard for the past several years now to open a Bed and Breakfast. We purchased an awesome cedar lodge that had not quite been finished and we have been striving to add the just the right touches to make it the most wonderful place to stay on the Columbia River Gorge.

We set our goals to open in Spring of 2010. We had been juggling between our ranch and the Bed and Breakfast, when our niece Sara and her husband Jason, announced that they were moving back to Oregon. They wanted to be closer to family.

Sara and Jason now live at the ranch. Sara has worked for several years as a Veterinarian Technician. She has such knowledge and skill that is greatly useful and appreciated. We are able to provide personal, hands on, in-house touches to all our dogs with the four housing set ups between both properties.

All of this had added so much more to the raising of our puppies. We feel that we have the best of both worlds. We have had the opportunity and pleasure of meeting several of our new families. They have either flown or driven in to pick up their new puppy or addition to their family by staying at our Bed and Breakfast and having that little extra bonding time.

January 28, 2010

We were able to get away for a few days and do some pre Olympics site seeing and some great skiing in Whistler, Canada. Thank you Kathy for helping us out. You are so talented on grooming our gang. And so helpful with the care given while we were away.

January 11, 2010

This is what we've been up to at the ranch.

January 1, 2010

Gambit left to his new home. He is a Psion's puppy. He first went to our trainer to learn his "house manors". At his new home he will continue his training to become a therapy dog. We wish Jennifer and Gambit the best in this service.

We had a great Christmas. We had several puppies make it an extra special christmas for their new families.

December 18, 2009

We had Scarlett Rose's (Elu puppy) new family fly in to hand carry her home. We so enjoyed being able to spend time and getting to know Al who Scarlett Rose will now be part of his family. We feel she couldn't of found a better home.

December 12, 2009 (update)

(He came in a close 2nd. Closest in history.) The Doak award was for the best running back. He was up against a running back for the Heisman. If they thought he was already the best stats proved it then why would the second place guy win? It was a East coast thing. Too bad for my nephew.

December 12, 2009

Personal note: My nephew has just won the Doak Walker award for College Football. Today Saturday the 12th he is up for the Heisman. So that is what we will be doing at 5:00 today. Watching to see. Our nephew plays for Stanford. Way to go Toby!!! You have worked hard to get to where you are.

November 17, 2009


Nicole and Tobin puppy

He is just toooo cute!! He is of age to go to his new home. What a sweetie! Just wants to be with you. Very calm but with a playful personality.


November 15, 2009

We've been busy here getting Zoe ready for Holland.

Look for the new pictures of Elu's puppies.

November 14, 2009

We wish the best to Molly and Rigby's new family

November 7, 2009

We are so excited Rigby (right) has found his family. We feel it is a perfect on both ends. We are excited for him to join them next Saturday.

We have taken new pictures of Jordy's puppies. There eyes are open and so cute. I am not sure I have ever seen such plump puppies.

November 6, 2009

Kona (below left) and Baxter (below right) left for their forever homes. Best to all.

Molly (right) went to our trainer to finish her potty training before going to her new family.

We do offer potty training. ASK!!!!

November 5, 2009

McKenzie Bradford Adopted (Nicole / Tobin son)

November 4, 2009

We just had the best visit with Chuck and Kris. They drove up from San Diego and spent two nights here at the Lodge. They were able to play, see and pick out their new family member, Nicole's puppy McKenzie Bradford. It was great getting to know them. We feel that McKenzie will have the best home with them. Thank you Kris, Chuck and (Kristen).

November 1, 2009


We just got done with a week or so of whelping. Jordy and Burton produced fantastic puppies. They were born like they were already a week or so old. Big full healthy consistent puppies.

See the Puppies page for updates


Then followed Elu with 12 RED puppies!!

See the Puppies page for updates


And Spring decided to get in on Christmas puppies also and had 9 choc and white puppies. Way to go Spring! What a nice first litter.

See the Puppies page for updates



We just shipped Aducci to a breeder in the UK . We wish them the best with him in their breeding program. He will be missed by us. He has given us some great puppies. He is Brooke's dad as well as several others in our breeding program.

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